When Life Hands You Lemons

There's nothing I like better than cold lemonade on a hot day. So when my husband and I first moved in together, before we got hitched, he used to turn up the heat really high in the apartment in the winter and he would make me lemonade. We would sit in the middle of the room on the floor, like a picnic, and drink the lemonade. One day something happened to the heater when he turned it up and it never shut off. It started to get more than hot. It was really sweaty and muggy. So while we were waiting for someone to come fix it, we tried to cool down by swinging the front door open. Of course, he made lemonade! He said he'd call the maintenance staff. But they never showed up! So we had to go to sleep that night with the heat in the 80's, or higher! We wore tees and shorts, and tried to make the best of it. He made more lemonade, and we sat up in bed rubbing the cold glasses on our faces. He kept saying "Pretend it's vacation," which was one thing I loved about him. His glass was always half-full, not half-empty! It was pretty fun, especially all the lemonade, but it was hard to sleep in the heat. The next day, the maintenance people still hadn't come. He didn't seem worried, so I was tried not to worry, either. He made another "picnic," sandwiches and lemonade, and we sat on the floor again. Then he told me that he wanted to propose in Aruba but didn't have the money because of his new car, so he thought this was his chance to take me on a "hot vacation." It was then that I found out that he hadn't even called maintenance yet! He did propose right then, and he had a ring, and I said yes. Then he called the maintenance staff!

— Samantha, 37

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