Saved By My Offspring

Well, I hate to admit it, but I was taken. Plain and simple. I am a single mother of a twenty-one year-old, a thirteen year-old, and an eight year-old. I have been divorced for seven years. I met this guy on a personals site. We returned emails for a short period of time before I felt comfortable meeting him in a public place. We were instant "soul mates," as he put it. Almost immediately, he started telling me about his financial woes. He was forty-six, had a roommate, lived in an apartment, and did have considerable financial problems. I do not have a lot of money, but I own a nice house, car, and some nominal investments. He borrowed $80.00 from me on our second date, which I wasn't real thrilled about. Within a week, he wanted me to give him money to pay his ex-girlfriend for all the furniture in his apartment, which I later learned was all hers. I refused. The next thing was that his car tag had expired and he had no time during working hours to renew it. I waited in line for hours and paid the $80.00 to renew it. Next, I went and paid his past due parking ticket. When I announced that I was going to visit my family in another state, he surprised me the following week by arriving with his luggage and taking a week off of work so that he could meet my family and ask for my hand in marriage. He pushed marriage incessantly. He wanted us to purchase a home immediately that would be "our house." But, because of his credit problems, I would have to leave his name off of the mortgage, of course. Then, his roommate was unable to come up with his half of the rent and Steve started moving his things into my place saying that he had to stay here for a while. When I rebuffed, he told me to go and pay his roommate's share of the rent as well as his, and that he would pay me back. Yeah, sure. He asked that I add him, his daughter, and their vehicles to my car insurance so that they would have insurance coverage. His eighteen year-old daughter had been involved in seven accidents, and he thought I needed to pay for his insurance. Then came my lung cancer scare where a lump was found in my lung. Both my doctor and I thought I had cancer. That was when he really pushed marriage and said that he immediately wanted to get married, even if I was only going to be around for another month. He insisted that he wanted to be my husband. At about this time, we were getting ready for a trip to Florida. What he didn't know was that there was no ticket for him to go, and I had no intention of buying one, either. My twenty-one year-old daughter came home with one of her friends and told me to go to the neighbor's house for a while, which I did. I returned half an hour later to be told by her that she informed this guy that he was a con artist looking for a free ride. She removed him and his belongings from the home and told him he was not to return. I owe my daughter a lot! The good news was that the lump in my lung was nothing, and I have a new lease on life! Thank goodness for the children who love us.

— Melissa, 46

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