Online Bipolar Hook-Up

I met this guy online through this rotten service. We met up and he ended up being the roommate of the guy I was sleeping with at the time. We ended up hitting it off pretty good until a week into the relationship when he proceeded to tell me he had just gotten out of the hospital the day we met up because he had been clinically depressed and thought he was going to kill himself. Next he told me that he was bipolar and had extreme mood swings. He was very sweet at times. He knew he had a problem, yet he begged me to stay. By this time we had been dating quite heavily, and I had fallen in love with him. But I had to learn to help handle a Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Hyde on a weekly basis. Even during sex sometimes he is sweet and gentle, yet at other times its porn-bone city - nothing but hold your face to the wall and hit it and don't quit it.

— Maria, 26

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