Doomed From The Start

I met this guy through a friend and he seemed pretty nice. He was cute, in a small dog kind of way. We met for drinks once or twice and then planned on having a real date. I met him at his apartment and we ordered in Chinese food, maybe a bad sign. Then we went to an independent movie theatre to see a movie. I have forgotten what it was called, but it turned out to be a gay "coming of age" movie from another country. It was slightly avant garde, not in English, and even mildly violent. I was the only woman in the theatre. After that mistake, we went back to his house and fooled around. I figured, "What the hell?" He told me I was really amazing. I think he meant because I was easy. But, he physically wasn't up to taking advantage of that. I slept over, in his loft bed, after our disappointing attempt at "love." The next morning he offered to drive me home. We walked out to his van and it had a flat tire. He said that this had happened before when he parked on this street, and that the guys at the nearby auto place then charged him $20.00 to change his tire. Since he didn't want to hire them again, he was going to change the tire himself. Of course, he didn't have the right kind of wrench. I walked with him to a hardware store to get a wrench and then back to the van. After struggling with the nut for what seemed like forever I said, "Maybe you are turning it the wrong way." I was sort of kidding, but it turned out I was right! By this time he had stripped the nut and was unable to get it off. Eventually, I took a bus back to my apartment. To top it all off, a cab rider opened his door in front of the bus and the bus bent it backwards. So, I walked the last few blocks. I was moving across the country in a few weeks anyway and never saw him again.

— Lauren, 27

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