Online Loser

I met a guy online. We emailed and chatted on the phone for a while. It finally came down to meeting time, and I paid for his ticket to the state in which I live. When he arrived, I did not recognize him. The photo online was of a thin, heavily haired young man. The guy who got off the plane was at least fifty pounds overweight, bald (with an incredibly bad toupee), and at least twenty years older than the photo. Although I should have left him there to fend for himself, I attempted to just get through the weekend. I shrugged it off and took him to my home. The weekend was horrendous, with my girlfriends still laughing at me two years later. When he returned home, I told him no more calls, no more email. His response was a flame mail saying I was too fat, too old, and too ugly for him to date. I ignored it. Three weeks later another email came apologizing for the unkind words and hoping we could patch it up. Needless to say, no more internet guys for me! And no, I didn't patch it up!

— Melinda, 28

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