Don't Look Back, Go For It!

I knew this guy for like nearly two years. He was an exchange student, and we were good friends. Two months ago we started to hang out more often. One of my friends noticed that maybe this guy might like me. However, I was convinced that he didn't like me and that we were only friends. He used to call me or send text message to me nearly every day, and asked me to come over his place so that we cold hang out. I used to go to see him, and we talked a lot. I don't know why, but I did like him a lot. When we finished our final exams and started the Autumn break, he went back to his country for four weeks. I missed him so much. I would think back to our times together, things we talked about, etc. I tried to convince myself that maybe I wasn't ready for this, but at the same time I just couldn't wait for him to get back. When he finally returned, he called me and told me to come over because he wanted to see me. So, I went there to see him, and we talked like crazy. I couldn't believe how happy I was to see him again! Being around him was so good for me that I even started to get over my shyness. I was able to hang out with him and his room mates and have fun. He told me when he got back that he had missed me. I was so shocked, but happy, of course. When I realized that he really liked me, I got kind of scared. I told him that he was the only guy I was attracted to, but that I was worried that liking each other might ruin our friendship. So, that night he asked me to hug him. Finally I did hug him, but I was too scared to kiss him. I was just too scared about ruining our friendship. So, as I was about to leave, he said he wanted to give me some advice. He said that although we didn't have a chance to be together, he wished me all the best and told me to be strong. I realized then that he really did like me, but because I was too afraid of hurting our friendship, he gave up on trying. I really want to turned back the time and fix everything. I guess it's too late because he stopped calling me three days ago. I am so sad, and can't bring myself to do much of anything these past three days. I don't know what I should do. I do really want to talk to him, but I am too scared to call him. So, just please take my advice. If you feel right, don't look back. Just go for it before it's too late!

— Maria, 20

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