Mike, I Think

A couple of years ago I went on a date with this guy named Mike. He was very cute, and he seemed to be nice and quiet when I met him. A friend of mine introduced us. He was her best friend, and they had grown together. She said he was very nice, quiet, and polite. Well, we went to a pizza restaurant for our first date. A lot of things went wrong there. I was dressed nicely while he was dressed like a slob. He ordered three types of beer for himself, and I ordered a soda. After he drank all those beers, and before we got our pizza, he had to go to the bathroom. After he came out, and from the other side of the restaurant, he yelled to the top of his lungs, "Hey, baby, when we get to my bedroom you want to make some hard love?" My eyes were wide open. A family looked at me, got their take out, and left quickly. Then he sat down and ordered three more beers. Then we got our pizza and he ate eight of the ten pieces of the pizza. He burped loudly after each piece. He was still hungry and ordered another pizza for himself. He made me pay for the whole meal because he said he was "unprepared". Sure. I had to pay for the whole $120.00 meal. We got in his car, and he made me kiss him each time we stopped for a red light. We got to his home and he made love to me in the shower, on the sofa, in his bedroom, and in his closet all without my permission. Then after all that, he pulled out a thong and made me wear it while we were sleeping. Later when he was about to drive me home, he tried to make love to me in the car. I quickly got out of the car and walked home. Then I got a call on my cell phone. It was my friend. She said Mike was waiting for me. I told her that I had already met Mike. Then there was a pause. Then a sigh. "I think you met his father. Mike was here all the time." The father looks a lot like him so it's hard to tell. The truth was that he knew I was going to date his son, and he didn't like me. So, he tried to get me disgusted in hopes that I wouldn't date him. It worked. I never saw Mike or his father again. I don't plan to, ever again.

— Sherry, 24

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