Making Me His Ex's Double

A few years ago, I went to this huge party. There were about two hundred people there going crazy. It was insane! There was one couple at this party that everybody was talking about and staring at. They were the most gorgeous people on the planet. The girl was a beautiful version of Pamela Anderson, and the guy it turns out was in a famous rock band. He was super gorgeous. That day I vowed that somehow someway, that guy would be mine. They were dating for years at this point, and everyone told me I had no chance. Four years later, I run into him. He started talking to me like he'd known me for years, even though we never spoke before. I almost died. I couldn't believe it. He kept mentioning that he was single, so we made plans to go out. We had the most incredible time. Everything about him was so glamorous. We had everything in common. We started dating, and slowly as we became more serious, so did he. He started to give me fashion tips on what I should look like. He said he wanted me to bleach my hair more (his ex had platinum blonde hair) and go tanning. He kept telling me to wear this tacky, yet expensive, clothing. Well, as a rockstar girlfriend, I figured I should look the part as all good California girls do. Plus, I really loved this guy. However, he apparently was still in love with his ex. He kept poems that she wrote on his wall, and he had pictures of her everywhere. His demands on my appearance got so bad that when people saw us in public, they thought I was her. Now, I'm not ugly. In fact, I'm a professional model. But that wasn't good enough. Eventually, through it all, he ended going crazy without his ex, and I ended up with a head full of straw-like, bleached-out, falling-out hair. I was too tan, and was left holding a lot of tacky clothing. Needless to say, I dyed my hair black after that.

— Temmy, 22

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