Movie Madness

I was at the movies with my boyfriend, and I thought that it was just going to be us and another couple. When we got there, I wanted to sit in the back row so we could make out. He said that he had to sit by his mom! I still can't believe that he brought his mom with us to the movies! But that wasn't the worst part. The date got worse as the night went on. During the movie I had to go to the bathroom really bad. I tried to get out of the theater but couldn't because the door was stuck. So, I had to go back and sit down. I was really antsy and was moving my hands around. I accidentally knocked over all of the popcorn on him. And on top of all that, the movie really sucked. After the date, his mom talked to me. She said that her son was too young to date, but if I ever wanted to stop by their house for dinner I was more than welcome.

— Barbara, 18

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