You Can't Tie Down A Gigolo

My old boyfriend dated this woman realtor five years ago that he met at Alcoholics Anonymous. When he came out to visit me, she arranged for him to drive her to the hospital for minor knee surgery. She planned it so she would have total control of him and his time. However, her plan didn't work. He dropped her off at the hospital and made arrangements for someone else to pick her up. He did this because he had another date with someone else. Another childish thing she did was she gave him a mug and insisted he return it to her before he left for Nevada. She was very calculating and, according to him, she had many problems. I hope women like this learn that they can't put ankle bracelets on men that are gigolos. He used everyone, including her, to rent his property out here. She should open her eyes, as others already had, at their meetings. Stick to selling houses instead of yourself.

— Mannie, 26

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