Whipped into Weakness

One of my close friends has changed a lot since I had first met him nearly a year ago. I know, people change, but the cause here is obvious. It's his girlfriend. I know this girl as a friend, and the few times I have seen the two of them together has been in a chat room. He was calling her "Master." He was listening to her every command and whim, even if he was only playing. He and I used to be best friends, rough housing via role play and poking fun at each other. Recently, though, I can't even poke a little fun at him without him running off and blocking me. I've spoken with two of his real world buddies, and both are comparing him to his older brother who is even wimpier than he is. I really think his girlfriend is the cause of the change in his personality. While speaking to a few of my other internet buddies, one of the girls said, "He is being pussy whipped." I found a use for the phrase and often use it to describe my weakened old friend. It's sad he follows her every command even knowing that she's abusive and a liar in the real world. I'm just looking out for him. I really think he should break up with her before she forces him to do something he will regret. I doubt he will see it. After all, love has made him blind. I really hope he sees this and knows my concern for him. However, I doubt he looks at things like this.

— Kimberly, 20

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