Don't Drink And Date

He seemed like a really nice guy online, but what a horrific experience for a first date. When someone says that they are a social drinker, don't always believe it! My first meeting with this man was without a doubt the worst first (and only, for him) date I've ever been on! By the time I got to the sports bar/ restaurant where I was to meet him, he had already polished off one beer, and not a normal-sized beer glass. This was more of the twenty-ounce size glass! And he managed to drink two more in the next couple of hours while we were eating. He turned into the biggest bumbling a_s! He hit the table so hard during one of his story telling moments that I thought the table was going to flip over. Really obnoxious! I'm not a drinker, and I'm not one to hang out with them. How many times do people have to be told to control their drinking habits on dates? And then as we were leaving he actually had the nerve to try and kiss me before I walked off. I guess the "stay the hell away from me" didn't register very well. He wasn't a bad looking guy at first glance, but he was incredibly ugly by the end of that night!

— Elisha, 25

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