Jailbird Boyfriend

It was back in January of 2003 when I met Craig. He was staying at my friend's place. Kara kept telling me I just had to meet Craig. So, one day I went down to her place to meet him. He was tall with dirty-blonde hair and a goatee. However, it was those baby blue eyes that got me hooked. He was working as a telemarketer. Well, I told him that maybe he hadn't met Mrs. Right yet, and that could be why he was in and out of jail so many times. That night, he wanted to come up to my place after work. I told him to call once he had gotten to Kara's place, and that I would come down to get him once he was there. Things went fine during our first month together. It was during our second month together that we started to have troubles. He had gone to his mother's for his birthday. He told me that if I would let him be on his way that when he got back he would have something for me. So, I let him go. The next time I heard from him he was at this other woman's place. He asked if I would come and get him. So, like the dummy that I am, I went and got him. The following month, he left me right after I had gotten my check. This went on until July when he came around and wanted me back. Come September, he left me again and didn't come back until the check was due in. By the end of November, he had me thinking that things were fine, and that we were really going to make it. On December first, he had stolen $400.00 from me and had taken off for Virginia. Little did he know that I knew when he was coming back to his mother's. So, the day he got back in town, I had called the County Parole Office. He hadn't been to see his parole officer since July. Plus, he had left state while on parole, which was a no-no. Well, County Parole went and took him away. He called me while he was in jail. I took him back that day only because my mother had passed on. To this day, I still think that Craig is using me, but he doesn't take off on a monthly basis anymore. And now when he goes out of state, it's with his best friend and he always comes back. He went out of state four weeks ago and brought me home a key chain with my name on it. Today he's going to New York City to get some computers for a store that his friend works at. I'm doing better then I was when we first got together.

— Gina, 44

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