Can't Stop What's Started

I am thirty-four, married, and have two children. I have a loving husband and a beautiful home. The problem is that there is this guy that I want so much. The first time I slept with him was about nine years ago after my husband had an affair. At the time, it was all about revenge. Nine years later, the revenge is over, but the affair is not. We have so much chemistry that every time we see each other, we are all over each other. He is amazing in bed. We laugh and get along like the perfect pair. We watch the sun set and stay up until it rises. We make love on the beach, in the boat, on the dock, and just about anywhere we can. But our relationship is not only about sex. We talk about everything. I don't see him very often, and we never plan our meetings. I just happen to run into him a few times a year, sometimes even less. But whenever we do see each other, we can't get enough of it. I almost feel like it is fate that I keep running into him. We live two hours from each other, but whenever I go back there we find each other. Sometimes I feel that if my husband treated me like he does, that maybe I wouldn't do this. However, I don't think that is the case. When I am with this guy, even for just one night, he makes me feel good about myself. I feel young, sexy and amazing until the next time I see him. I feel awful for doing this to my husband, but he started it, and I can't stop.

— Suzette, 34

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