Sloppy First Date

I went to a party thrown by one of my girlfriends, who wanted me to meet this guy she knew. We hit things off really well, and he asked me out on a date. To make my friend happy, I accepted. He told me to meet him at a bar. When I arrived, he was already there and had had a few too many drinks. Then we decided to go to a very nice pub nearby, where we ordered some food and started having a great conversation. From the moment we got there, however, he kept telling me he didn't feel too well. Once our food arrived, he threw up all over it and my dress. As I came to find out, he didn't have any money--so I had to pay for the food, too! When I called my friend to tell her what had happened, she informed me that he was a recovering alcoholic.

— Demi, 24

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