No Second Chance

I went out to a club with two girlfriends a few months ago. I don't go clubbing often, partly because I hate dealing with drunk guys. Therefore, I admit, I'm kind of mean to the men who come up and ask me to dance. This night, there was one guy who kept persisting. He kept asking to buy me a drink. Then he would turn around and talk to some other girl who I assumed was his girlfriend. Well, the "girlfriend" turned out to be just a friend who talked to my friend and informed her that the guy wanted to dance with me. For some reason, I accepted. He wasn't the type of guy I would typically be attracted to, but he was a gentleman on the dance floor. I gave him my number before leaving for the night. He called promptly the next day and asked if I wanted to do something. I said yes, imagining that we would go get drinks or maybe go to the beach. He asked if it was okay for me to meet him at his house, and then he gave me directions. I drove to his house only to find that there were about five other guys hanging out and drinking beer. He ignored me for a while, then seemed to get the hint and asked if I wanted to go somewhere else. I was relieved. Well, one of his friends ended up tagging along to drive. You see, it turned out this guy didn't have a car, and the house wasn't his, either. He just crashes out on the floor there at night. Well, he kept staring at me and telling me how hot I was. I was thinking, "Get over the pickup lines, buddy." But, of course, I was too nice to actually say it out loud. He took me to someone else's house. By that time, my fantasy of a nice date was dead. I just wanted to escape! He was turning me off by his cheesy come-on lines, and he even had the nerve to ask me if I thought his roommate was hot. Then he started talking about how I should move back east with him when he got out of the navy. Creepy! This guy didn't even know me, nor did he attempt to get to know me. He was happy just ogling me and marveling that I had given him my phone number. Well, his friends invited us to go to Tijuana that night. I politely said that I had homework to do. He said, "If she's not going, I'm not going." To make a long story short, I ended up having to go to dinner with him and his roommate where the torture continued. Thank God he went out on float the next week. When he called the following weekend to ask if I wanted to stop by to watch the baseball game with him and his buddies, I politely passed. I think he got the idea, and I never heard from him again.

— Bev, 23

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