Lack Of Phone Use

I met this wonderful guy at a place where I worked. I booked his band for a New Year's party. I thought he was a pretty cool guy so I kissed him. Then we exchanged numbers. The next day he called me and asked me on a date. Of course, I said yes because he was stunning. He was going to pick me up from work at noon, and then we were going to head back to my house for a movie. I waited forever, and finally at 1:30 he had the common courtesy to call and say he was going to be late. He finally showed up at 3:00, and we went back to my place and got a little cozy on the coach. Well, we ended up dating. He told me he loved me, and he never stopped kissing me. Every second that we were together he kissed me. He seemed so nice until our second week of dating when he had a lack of phone use, as I like to call it. He never called at all the whole week, so I figured we were done. But on Friday, like usual, he showed up at my work. I told him to get lost and that I was done with him. I took a break at work and yelled at him for a good hour or so until I got picked up from work and left. Anyway, that night after I left I found out he had made out with another girl, and that he had another girlfriend. I blew up!

— Tanya, 21

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