About a month ago, I was at the gym working out. I decided to upgrade my membership and spoke to a customer service representative at the fitness center. I had just rolled out of bed and was sweaty. It was not my most flattering moment. My rep was a football-player-type with black gelled hair and two diamond earrings. Definitely not my type, but I suppose he was good looking in the traditional sense. The entire time we waited for the paperwork to print, he asked me questions about myself. I answered them, blowing it off as a polite distraction while the staff fixed the computers. Then he shyly asked me out for the next night. Needless to say, I was shocked. However, I accepted. The next night, we decided to go out for dinner at a local restaurant. He picked me up looking nice in his little Honda. We had decent conversation throughout dinner. He invited me back to his place to watch a movie. He was living with his mom at the time as he had just graduated from college. So, I thought it was not a big deal because we wouldn't be alone. I found myself thinking, "Hmmm, with a little time, I could get used to this guy!" WRONG! To make a long story short, we started watching the movie and were sitting pretty close. No problem, until he randomly asked me, "Do you consider yourself a good kisser?" I thought it was a dumb question, so I said, "I don't really think about it," and continued to watch the movie. Then he made the ultimate loser move. He turned around and, without warning, shoved his tongue down my throat! It was an awful kiss, but I politely engaged for a few moments before breaking free and turning back to the movie again. Well, he did it again, and it just got worse. He asked me if I give good massages and I said, "I don't give them much." I thought he would take the hint. He asked me fifteen minutes later if I would give him one of my "great" massages. How tacky! I said, "Maybe later." I was beginning to get a little rude and for good reason! In a last final desperate move, he started to kiss the back of my neck and tried to slip his hand up my shirt. I discreetly removed it and shifted further away. That was when I feigned exhaustion and insisted it was time for me to go home. When he went to open the door to his room, it didn't give. A second later, I heard a "click." Apparently, Lover Boy had locked his door thinking something was going to happen! Nauseating! We were both feeling awkward as he drove me home and I politely told him I would give him a call. Of course, I went inside and deleted his number ASAP! I take the long way around the gym to avoid him to this day!

— Kathryn, 23

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