Disaster Of All Dates

I started a personal ad in the paper. I went through all of the respondents, and one of the guys really seemed to stand out. So, I called him. We talked on the phone a few times and he seemed really nice. From the way he described himself, he seemed to be pretty cute, too. Well, my red flag should have gone up when this happened. I had a three-year-old daughter, and I told him that I only go out every other weekend when her father takes her. He said his mom would watch her. I politely said, "No, that's okay." He actually had the nerve to say, "What? You don't trust me?" I simply said, "Of course not! We have never met and have only talked on the phone a few times! I certainly would not leave my daughter with someone I don't even know!" So, he understood, and the next weekend we went on our date. He picked me up at my apartment and took me to a fast-food restaurant to eat. Then, we proceeded to go bar hopping for the rest of the night with four other of his girl-friends! If that wasn't bad enough, he asked me if I could just stay at his place so he could drink without having to worry about taking me home. After not paying much attention to me for most of the night, we went back to his place and, of course, he was all over me. I kept him at bay by feigning sick and said I had to throw up. We finally passed out and took me home the next morning. Needless to say, that was the last date we ever had!

— Janice, 29

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