Drugs And Love Don't Mix

I had been going out with this guy for eight months and I was all into it. I could feel the love, and he said he did as well. However, he had a bad temper. Every time I'd hang out with a friend he'd accuse me of cheating on him. This I could handle. His constant questioning of where I had been and who I had been with was okay for me because, strangely, it made me feel loved. Well, I wouldn't call what I felt love, actually. It was more like wanting someone to want me. So, I thought that emotionally and physically he wanted me. He smoked pot like crazy, and I didn't like it a lot because he always bragged about it. I have not ever been deeply into drugs, and he wanted me to do so much more. I'm so glad I didn't do it. He'd hang out with his friends for days just smoking and drinking. I knew this was a bad relationship, but I stayed because I thought that we had a connection. How wrong I was. One day we got into a normal, well, what used to be normal for me, fight. He was angry because a friend of mine was sitting with us. He had his head down and said he was tired, so I didn't want to eat lunch alone. I told my friend to come and eat with us. My boyfriend did not like this at all. So, he started cussing and told me it was over. Then he called me a bitch. I looked at him calmly and said, "I hope you burn in hell," and I walked off. To my surprise, he threw a trashcan at me. It's not that the cut I got from the trashcan hurt, it's just what idiot throws a trash can? Then a few days later he was all over some other girl and he called me a whore for no reason at all. I'm glad we broke up. The moral of the story is to never, ever go out with someone who tries to control you, or who tries to take away your friends. And don't go out with someone who does drugs heavily or drinks a lot.

— Jennifer, 24

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