Bipolar Bust

I hadn't seen my friend, Mario, in forever since he was always with his girlfriend. I had just gone through a messy break-up with my long-term boyfriend. Mario had the great idea to set me up on a blind date with his friend, Doug, so I wouldn't be a third wheel when we all hung out. I was ok with it. Since I was newly single, I wanted to feel wanted and attractive again. The night of our date I was really nervous. I bought a new outfit, got my nails done, the whole works. Our date went well, and Doug and I decided to see each other again. Well, Doug and I went out for our second and then third dates! I was happy because I felt like we might be able to have a relationship together. But I completely ignored the warning signs. Doug had been a heavy drug addict and drinker. He had bipolar disorder, anxiety attacks, and constant mood changes. Nonetheless, I was patient and understanding. I thought he really cared about me, and I was trying to really get to know him before committing to a relationship. Well, because I was a little cautious and wasn't ready to be his official girlfriend in only three weeks, he said that I was cheating and that I was a whore. We weren't even together yet officially and he was already being over protective and domineering. One night I had plans with a friend, but I went to see Doug for a bit before I went out. He demanded that I not go out. I explained that I had given someone my word, but he was still mad. So, I tried to sweeten things up. I danced with him close and kissed him before I left. Well, he called my cell repeatedly that night and claimed that I was a cheating whore. So, I got mad, turned off my phone, and spent the rest of the evening with my ex. I never told Doug about it until about a week later. Doug had gone into another one of his fits where he screamed, hollered, and called me all kinds of nasty names. Then he told me he hated me, and that he now had a new girlfriend who loved him and didn't care if he did drugs or drank alcohol. I just laughed and said, "Well, you never got this but my ex sure did! Who's the loser now?" From the day I first met him to the day he told me he had a girlfriend was only about five weeks! What a psycho!

— Teresa, 20

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