A Literal Fall For Love

My best friend and his girlfriend were on a ski trip with their church. Things were going great for the two of them. He wasn't feeling very much love from her, but he thought nothing of it. He figured it was just not one of her better days, so he ignored it. On the way to the mountains, they got stuck in a storm and had to stop and spend the night. He wanted to spend time with her because, of course, that's what people do when they're dating. But she kept telling him to leave her alone. He slipped and fell while he was walking away from her. Then he said to his friend, "Man, I love her." His friend happened to talk to her prior to that and said, "She just told me that she wanted to get you to break up with her. Sorry, man." The two guys ended up throwing snowballs at her all night, and that was the end of that!

— Tori, 22

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