Sweet-Talking Car Dealer

My dating disaster was really a disaster. I went on a blind date with this guy. I was excited about going because I hadn't been on a date in a while. Anyhow, he was a car dealer I had met over the phone. We had a discussion about trading in my car. I made an appointment to go in, but I missed the appointment. So, he called me to see if I was still coming. I was busy that morning and had totally forgotten about it. Anyway, he asked if I would be I busy later that evening. I told him no. So he asked if he could take me out to eat and then to a club. I agreed. He seemed nice and his voice sounded young. He arrived at my house to pick me up. Only then did I learn that the guy was really an old man. He must have been at least sixty-something. I was shocked, but I continued to go out with him. I didn't want to be rude. Mind you, I was only twenty-nine at the time. We went to eat. I really wanted out of there so I made up an excuse. I said that I had unexpectedly gotten my period and that I needed to go home to change right away.

— Dixie, 30

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