A True Basement Dweller

I met this guy through a coworker. He was her mechanic. He asked me out, so I said yes. We arranged to meet at a diner. When I arrived at the diner, he was already eating! So, I took a seat and ordered my meal. While I was eating, I happened to look up and saw him injecting himself with insulin through his shirt. He didn't excuse himself or anything. He just kept talking like nothing had happened. But when he saw the look on my face, he got really mad. He said, "I've been a diabetic for over ten years. I know what I'm doing." So, I just let it go and assumed that was why he had started to eat so early. Shortly afterwards, he pulled out his wallet and showed me pictures of his two daughters. Then he said, "These are the kinds of babies you'd be having if you were with me." As if that wasn't enough, he insisted that I eat this huge slice of chocolate cake that he ordered, cake that I clearly stated I didn't want. He kept taking the fork and trying to feed it to me. Then, to top it all off, when we left the diner and walked out into the parking lot, he offered to leave his truck there and drive home with me so I wouldn't be alone. He also mentioned that he lived in his wife's basement, and that she didn't like it when he came in late and made too much noise.

— Althea, 26

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