That Darned Red Dress

I had been eyeing this guy for 2 months when he finally asked me out. So I went shopping to look for the best outfit. Needless to say, he loved the red silk dress I bought. So far, so good, right? No! We ended up going to a Chinese restaurant, one of those really traditional ones where you have to cross your legs to sit. I tried really hard to see if I could do that, and found that I couldn't in the dress. As we left, everyone was staring and snickering at us. It was awful. Then we went to the nearest bar and grill. Boy, did I look silly in that place, too. Everyone else was in tennis shoes and jeans, and there I was in a fancy red dress. We had a pretty good time on our date, and we have been dating ever since. But he still makes jokes about our first date.

— Jamie, 25

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