Potato Prick

I went to dinner with this guy, John. The restaurant was a really fancy establishment. We ordered our meal and chatted as we waited for our food to arrive. When the food came, there was a problem with John's order. He had ordered mashed potatoes with his meal, but the waitress brought out a dish with French fries instead. When the waitress came back and asked us how everything was, John picked up a French fry, shook it at her and said, "Oh, these mashed potatoes are just great!" The waitress was very upset. She realized that the chef must have made a mistake. So, she went rushing back to the kitchen and then returned with his mashed potatoes. She apologized many times over for the mistake. She assured John that she had taken his order properly, even showed him her order slip, and then explained that there must have been a mistake in the kitchen. She again apologized and hoped that he would be satisfied now that she had brought him the mashed potatoes he had ordered. John just kind of grumbled under his breath and began to eat his meal. When it came time to pay for the dinner, he tipped her a one-dollar bill for a $35.00 meal! I was mortified that he could treat someone like that. What a jerk!

— Claire, 26

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