An Absolute Zero

Not long ago I met this guy. At first I wasn't that interested in him. Plus, at the time I had been going through a lot. I was having financial problems and some personal problems as well. So, whenever this guy asked to go on a date with me, I always said no. Days and days went by, and he just kept bugging me. He kept asking over and over again for a date. So, finally, I said yes. I told him to pick me up from my house at 3:40. Prior to that time, he sent me an instant message on the internet saying that he had lost my address. With my away message on, I sat there and debated whether I still wanted to see him or not. Then I decided not to. Later on that day, he asked me what happened, and I told him it had to do with my financial problems. Then he told me he would help me out. He said that if I needed a few hundred dollars or whatever, he would give it to me. I thought to myself, ''Is this guy crazy? We don't even know each other like that!'' I never used a guy for money before, but since I didn't know him and he was willing to give me money if I saw him, I thought, hey, why not? So, finally, I told him to come over to my house a week later, and said that we could chill for about an hour. I had my cousin with me because I didn't want to be alone. When I first met him, I thought this guy was a complete jerk. But when he arrived at my house, he was such a gentleman! He was so nice to my cousin and me. He was polite, and we all engaged in a pretty nice conversation. He didn't even try to put on any moves or anything! As a matter of fact, he got a lot more attractive. I realized that I had gotten the wrong impression of him. After he went home, he IMed me online and said that he missed me already. He asked if I could come out again that night around 11:00. I said yes and was so excited! We decided to drink that night at his house. I felt weird to be in his room, but later thought nothing of it. At first we sat on the edge of his bed just watching some TV. Then I finished this huge bottle of beer. Since I have a very low tolerance for alcohol, I felt it hit me pretty quickly. I guess he noticed because he pulled me closer to him and kissed me. At first I thought, ''Wow, nice lips.'' But then he pushed me down and tried to go further. I kept saying no and asked him to stop, but he just wouldn't listen. I finally had to shove him off, but he still kept at it for three hours straight! He was so aggressive with me and just ignored everything I said. He took my cell phone and started to look at my numbers and text messages. Then he took my car keys, and refused to give them back to me unless I went back in bed with him. I had to basically wrestle with him to get them back! He kept kissing and slobbering all over me, and he kept licking my face, and neck. I couldn't stand it! I then asked him to take me home. He agreed, but first I went to his bathroom. I looked in the mirror and saw two big, red hickeys on my neck. I was so mad. I went back in the room and asked him, "Haven't you ever heard of no hickeys on the neck?" He then replied, "Yes, but girls only don't want hickeys on the neck because they want to go out and do stuff with other guys." That made me even madder. He was trying to claim me when we weren't even together. He made it sound like I go around doing stuff with every guy. I don't want hickeys because I'm not trying to have my parents see. Also, those weren't going to come off in two or three days. It was going to take at least a week or two for them to go away. On the way home, he had the nerve to say, "You know, I would never date you because you're more of a homegirl type. When I chill with you, I feel like we are homeboys or something." I don't mind him saying we're like homeboys, but what did tick me off was that he acted as if I would have said say yes in the first place! He also said I had an attitude! And he mentioned how weird he thought my cousin was! I thought that was completely rude! We then agreed we were only friends. Then, when I got home, he IMed me and said, ''Hey, I miss you. When am I going to see you again? Next time would you let me, 'go down'?" I was so pissed. He said all these bad things about me in the car, said he doesn't like me, but when I get home he's asking this? I replied no, and recently I found out that he lied about his age. He was twenty-two when he said he was eighteen. He lied about a lot of other things, too, just to try to impress me. My whole plan was to take his money. Yet, I guess I was so caught up in all of this that I forgot to even ask him! So, what did I get out of all of this? Absolutely nothing.

— Cathy, 19

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