He'll Never Get It

About seven or eight months ago, I started going out with this guy that I had met at my job. After talking to him and hanging out a bunch, everything seemed cool. We seemed to hit it off really well, and he really liked me, which is what he told me all the time. He even went with me to watch a ballet I needed to see in the city for a class I was taking. Suddenly, about two months after we started going out, he just stopped calling and talking to me completely out of the blue. We'd had sex a few times, so that definitely wasn't the issue. We didn't hang out a lot or too little, so it couldn't have been that. Whatever the reason, he wouldn't tell me. I tried contacting him to make sure he hadn't suddenly died or anything the way he abruptly stopped talking to me. I was angry and hurt at first, but eventually I moved on. A few months later, I got a text message on my phone asking me if I wanted to be "friends with benefits". I responded in great detail how that would never happen. A month later he contacted me again about getting together. I made fun of him and was rude to him to get him to leave me alone. Then a few months after that he again contacts me, this time trying a new approach. He says he's sorry for ditching me and wants to get back together. At first I'm stupid and weak and think for a second, maybe we could just talk. But then I come to my senses and realize what a pathetic jerk he is. Since he can't seem to get the picture no matter what I say to him, I decide to just ignore him, kind of like how he ignored me. Over the past two weeks he has sent me about fifteen text messages. He sent one everyday at first, but now they are more intermittent. Only the first two I responded to. The rest I just look at and delete without saying anything back. How long before he gets the picture? Or do I have to spell out exactly why he never has a chance of ever having things as good as he did before ever again?

— Kara, 20

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