A Real Gamble

I've known the guy for a few years. We hadn't talked for a long time. So, when he called and asked to go out I thought, "Sure, why not?" I got all dressed up, bought a bottle of red wine, and then drove to his house. In the time since we had last met, I found he had lost quite a bit of hair and gained some tummy, but he was still charming. So, we started to talk and eventually decided to go to the casino for a bit of entertainment. I paid for the cab there, which didn't bother me, and then we started to play. Casually, he mentioned that he had himself barred from the casino. He only mentioned this to me after he had already gotten $200.00 in chips. I walked around, watched the games, bet a bit, and waited for him to finish with the roulette table. When he finally finished, we walked around until we found some other game to play. It only took about fifteen minutes for him to lose $400.00. I suggested that we get a drink and then went to cash out my chips. I saw him after about ten minutes of wandering around. He was over the daily limit his bank allowed him. Sweetly, he asked to borrow $400.00 until the next morning just so he could win it back. Well, I was a bit stunned and asked him if he had a gambling problem. The obvious answer was yes. So, I decided against loaning him the $400.00. He then disappeared again for another ten minutes. I was just about to leave when he reappeared and said he had received an urgent call from his mother that his dad was in the hospital. Thus ended the date. He said I should call him next week. I hope he holds his breath for that call.

— Lisa, 23

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