Friends to Nothing

When my ex-boyfriend and I temporarily broke up, I went to a local bar and met a lot of people. I met plenty of attractive men. There was one in particular who just wouldn't leave me alone. He was cute, but not my type. His friend Mike, however, really caught my eye. Mike was my bodyguard for the whole night. He helped me whenever any rude guy came up and tried to be a little too pushy. After that night, we exchanged numbers and would talk on the phone or online regularly. We became really good friends, but we also flirted. Shortly after, my ex and I (don't ask me why) got back together and I wasn't allowed to talk to Mike anymore. So, I cut off all contact for months. When my ex and I were finally through for good, I decided to look Mike up one night. He was ecstatic to hear from me, and we hit it off right where we had left off. After a while of talking, he invited me to a bar with him. We hung out and had a blast. It was the best date I had ever had. He couldn't believe how much we had in common, and he kept complimenting me on everything I did. We were out for about six hours and then went to his house to watch a movie. For some reason, though, he shared his true feelings about me. We kissed a few times, cuddled at his insistence, and were very playful. He dropped me off and ended the night with a kiss. He said he would call me the next day. He sent some nice messages on my phone, but every time I wanted to get together he'd come up with one lame excuse after another. Finally, I just confronted him on this problem. He blew that off saying that he was just busy or tired. A few days have passed, and he still sends me nice messages. Now he's getting flirtier like how we used to be, but he's still giving mixed signals. What's the deal?

— Mandy, 26

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