Dream Turns Into Nightmare

My ex-boyfriend dumped me for no reason. He got his friend, a girl, to yell at me and tell me to never call again. She said that they were having sex on the phone. Then I called him a week later and I said. "Hey, what's up?" He acted like we were going out, and then he accidentally hung up on me, or at least I think it was an accident. When I called back, he said he didn't want me to call so late. It had been 11:30, which is understandable, but I thought we were getting somewhere. I guess I was wrong, so I probably should have just given up. A real man would call his lover, and I think they should. I just want his love back. I don't think he knows how much I care about him. I just wish he would understand. I want for us to be together again. It was like a perfect dream that became a nightmare. I hope this dream will become perfect again.

— Lucy, 23

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