Please Be Honest

I'm good at finding guys who "forget" to tell me things. Last year at the end of January, my friend and I were leaving the bars at college. We were pretty wasted, and we were saying how we better find valentines by Valentine's Day. This adorable guy next to me was like, "Oh, I'm sure you'll find someone." He was walking the same way we were, so he walked with us. His frat house was a block before my friend's house. By then, she was walking with a guy she liked. So, I went into the frat house to warm up before I walked back home. We flirted pretty hardcore even though we didn't even take off our winter jackets. He said something about an ex-girlfriend. Finally, I said I was going to head home, and he said he would walk with me so I didn't have to walk alone. He added that if he was walking me home, he was going to stay over. He then added that he must warn me that he was a "cuddler". So, I was like, "Okay, as long as you're not expecting more than that!" We had a really good time and did just cuddle. Finally, after we were in bed for a while, he kissed me. So we continued to kiss a little. Then the next night, he called me up and we decided he would come over to spend the night again. We had a good time again and cuddled and kissed. The next morning after he went home, he IMed me and said, "I have to tell you something. I have a girlfriend." So, I really played it off like I didn't care and was like, "Oh, then she wouldn't like me very much." He was like, "Well, she's not going to know about you." Then he said, "I think I'm going to break up with her. I've been thinking about it, and you showed me that there are other people out there that I can be with instead of being tied to her." He then told me I was adorable. I was pretty surprised. I saw him on and off after that, and he did finally break up with his girlfriend. But damn, please be honest.

— Trish, 22

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