Ladies and Gentleman, Listen Up!

I entered into a relationship with a man that I adored thirty years ago in grade school. Everything was going beautifully. There were no signs of discontentment or disinterest. He said all of the right things. We had lots of fun. I liked this guy unconditionally for himself, despite his non-aggressive nature in and out of the bedroom. I spoke with him on a Friday, and we laughed and joked on the telephone. I left cute messages, as usual, on the weekend as we always talked a lot. I was shocked not to get a return call. I did not receive a call from him from that Saturday through Thursday. I was upset and worried as were my family and friends. That Thursday, instead of this guy giving me a call, knowing I was very stressed, or at least an email to say that he was okay, instead he sent an email to me and ten of his friends of a corny joke. I had no other person to contact to find out if he was okay. Upset, I highlighted everyone on that email list and typed a letter explaining that I had not heard from him. I gave a little history of our happy relationship and explained that I did not know what went wrong. I asked the ten people to send the email to him. Someone advised him right away, and he phoned right away to tell me he lost a good friend. Can someone tell me what is wrong with this picture? All of my friends say it's bull. What do you think? My heart was broken just at the fact that I had to send an email to strangers to get him to respond. He was upset that I emailed his friends, but I did not care. What I went through emotionally was far worse than my sending a email to his friends wanting to know what had happened to him. Ladies and Gentlemen, again, I would not do this to someone I did not like. It is one of the cruelest, coldest things you can do to someone. I had heard of this occurring with people, but I have now experienced it first hand. Be woman or man enough to just talk to the person! The best line to use if you are not sure about a relationship is, "I need some Space." If you are not sure about a relationship, you do need some time to mentally sort things out. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Be firm and honest.

— Amy, 40

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