Love and the Mechanical Bull

One of my friends was having a hard time with his boyfriend and I helped him out. Yes, my friend is a homosexual. Interesting fact, people think it's funny that he and I get along because I'm as country as a turnip green and supposedly we aren't supposed to. Anyway, Stephen was cheating on my friend, Tony. So we went to this bar and dance room where you can go play pool, dance, and ride the mechanical bull. Stephen worked there at the time. I asked the person who works the bull to put it on low and we'd get him some riders. Well, Tony got on the fake bull like you would to ride it, and then I sat on his lap facing him. We began riding the bull together in that position. The weird part is that we did that to get Tony and Stephen back together - wrong! Stephen is now with some new guy and Tony is straight. He's engaged to one of my other friends.

— Michelle, 18

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