A Liar to Beat All Liars

I met this guy at my work. He was a customer that came in frequently, and we would always talk. He was very intellectual and our conversations were always stimulating. One day, he came in just as I was getting off for the day. He asked me out for a drink. We hit it off really well. That was the start of a six-month relationship. As we became more intimate and our lives combined, I started to become suspicious of things he would tell me. I got the sense he was not giving me the entire truth. He told me he owned his own business, which frequently involved going on business trips. I began to wonder why he would never let me take him to the airport or pick him up. He would never talk on the phone when he was around me, yet a few times I caught him talking on the phone in the bathroom. The first time he invited me to his house I was shocked. When I got there, I was stunned to find that he had no furniture. He told me that he had a house full of furniture in Florida, and all that he needed here he already had. His belongings here consisted of only a chair, a table, and a bed! He said he was only here to help out his elderly mother, and he did take frequent trips back to Florida. He fabricated all kinds of huge lies about car accidents and business deals. To make a long story short, I called his neighbor and asked some questions. Then I called his mother and asked her some questions. I came to find out that the guy was homeless, had no job, and that the house I went to was really his mother's rental property that she was letting him stay in. The car he picked me up in was his neighbor's. He was living on disability and food stamps at fifty-six years old! He is a true pathological liar, also known as a narcissist, which is a real psychological illness. It was very scary for me to find out that I had someone like that in my home and around my children!

— Marie, 44

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