A Complete Abomination

My first date ever was a complete abomination! I went to the movies with a guy that I had been interested in for quite a while. I was in that time of the month and thought I could sit out the whole movie without any problems. I admit, it was a fifty-fifty chance to take, but I just didn't want to leave the movie. So, I took a trip to the bathroom beforehand and thought I was set. Well, the movie was funny, and he didn't try to pull anything on me, thank goodness. Well, we stood up, and I got this feeling of "Oh Shoot!" So, I told him that I just needed to take a small bathroom break before we went to dinner. When I got in the bathroom, I looked at my backside in the mirror to check everything out. It seemed just fine. So, I went to the toilet, pulled my pants down, and as I sat down it splattered and went down the back of my baby-blue pants! I let out a few words of frustration and tried to clean up the blasted mess. I decided to try pulling my shirt over it to cover it up. When I came out, he asked where I'd like to go for dinner. I told him I really wasn't hungry and that I wanted to go home. He looked confused but smiled and agreed. I asked him if I had anything on me, and I did a turn. He denied seeing anything, but as we walked out of the casino and to the car, I kept getting outlandish stares from people around us. In the car, I sat more on my side so to not leave anything on the seat. I succeeded and was so thankful to be home. Believe it or not, he called back for a second date.

— Teresa, 19

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