Nine Years And Still Angry

Well, I was dating this really great guy. At the time of the incident, I was eighteen years old and he was nineteen. We had been together for six months. He said he loved me, and I said I loved him back. One night I went to go visit him, so I went to his friend's house to look for him. He was usually there, but on that night he wasn't there. His friend, RJ, was there. So, RJ called my boyfriend, Tobias, and told him I was there. Well, his friend had given me the phone to talk with my boyfriend, and he told me he wouldn't be able to come over. So, I politely asked his friend if I could stay the night because I didn't have a car and couldn't find another ride home. So, I stayed the night in his brother's room since his brother wasn't at home. Anyway, we just talked and cooked a pizza, which actually burned because we forgot about it in the oven. But nothing sexually happened between us. He was a white boy, and I didn't even find him attractive. I loved my boyfriend Tobias. He was the first guy I was with. Well, the next morning my ride came and picked me up. Later I called my boyfriend to talk to him, but his sister answered the phone. She said that he didn't want to talk to me because I was a liar. She said that Tobias's friend, RJ, had told him that we had oral sex, which was not true at all! I didn't even do that to my boyfriend, so how am I going to do that to some guy I didn't have feelings for or even find attractive? I then went to his house to tell him the truth, but he just screamed at me for the first time and told me to go away. I was so hurt. I can't believe that he wouldn't listen. Well, anyway, it has been nine years and he is still mad about it. I just wish he would give me the chance to at least explain my side of the story. I like being honest. So, maybe one day he will change his mind. All I want is closure. I never got to say goodbye to this guy. So, there it is, my dating disaster.

— Makeesha, 29

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