Panty-Wearing Guy

When I was nineteen, I met this guy where I worked part-time. We talked for a few days, and then he asked me out. He said he was nineteen, but I found out later he was twenty-two. Anyway, I'd made up my mind that I wasn't going to have sex the first time out. However, things seem to have a mind of their own. He started up with me, and I lost control of things. Before long, we were parked on this dead-end road. It was dark. We both got undressed and had the best sex I had had so far. When it was over, we started getting dressed. I found my panties and put them on. They felt kind of funny, but I thought I'd just gotten them on wrong side out. When I got home and undressed to shower, I got a big surprise. The panties I had on weren't mine. I'd had the best sex ever with a panty-wearing guy.

— Debbie, 21

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