Movie Overshadows Date

My dating story isn't one of the most embarrassing, but it sure is sad. Several years ago, I was enrolled in an Internet dating site but didn't have much success meeting anyone compatible. I finally met a guy that I seemed to click with. We discovered we had a number of things in common. We were both big-time animal lovers. We both had Native American blood in our heritage. We enjoyed dramatic movies. So, we made a movie date. Well, the movie we chose to see was Kevin Costner's epic, "Dancing With Wolves". Hey, I said it was a long time ago! Anyone who has seen "Dancing With Wolves" knows that neither the Native Americans nor the animals fair very well in that movie. By the end of the film, many of the Sioux tribes people had been killed, including Costner's wife, and the rest were run off of their land by the Army. Costner's poor horse had been killed, his pet wolf shot, and several hundred buffalo had been massacred. My date and I watched the debacle together in stunned silence. I guess we weren't able to recover from the depression that had set in during the movie. It really must have clouded our first meeting because we never made another date.

— Roxanne, 44

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