Don't Play The Game

I just went through a terrible experience. This person told me a pack of lies. He said he would drive to my house to pick me up. When he got here, I found that he had walked. He said he parked his car down the street. We sat, had coffee, and he asked me for several hugs in between cups of coffee. I gave them to him. After all, I am a lonely woman. Too lonely, apparently. Anyway, this character proceeded to want to play kissy-face, and all he was interested in was getting in my pants, nothing else. I am old enough. I should have known better. Well, needless to say, he stayed after threatening to leave several times. So, after putting up very little fight, he got what he wanted. When I asked him for a ride to the store, he walked down the street to get his car. I knew when he left he would never be back. Ladies, if you don't want to feel cheap, used, and abused, don't fall for this kind of game. This punk probably still lives with his parents and obviously wanted to use me and my house, and I let the scoundrel get away with it. So, all you internet dater wanna-be's be careful. There are many liars out there who will stop at nothing for some lonely women to take advantage of.

— Mandy, 26

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