Shows His Thanks With Heartache

I dated Shawn for eight months, not a long time in some people's books. I met him online and thought that he was the perfect man. I knew that since he was thirteen years older that he had to be more mature. I knew that he had been hurt in the past just as I had. I had personally gone through a lot of self-help classes. I knew that Shawn hadn't. He told me from the start that he was a good guy. I wanted so badly to believe him. It took a while, but I finally started to fall in love with him. I loved the moments that I got to spend with him. I tried to give him everything that I could to let him know that I cared for him and supported him. I also gave him the little things in life. Like when I knew that he needed something, I would pick it up for him. I wanted him to experience the love that I thought he should have. I knew that at forty, some things might not seem as important as others. But, I still wanted him to have the things that I thought he had missed out on. I wanted him to experience Walt Disney World. So, I made plans and paid for the vacation. I wanted so much for him to know how I cared. I tried in every way possible. I never tried to buy his love. I just tried to show him love. I let him have his freedom and his space when he needed time for a guys' night out. I tried to give him the world. Where did this get me? This past Friday, I got a voice mail, of all things, saying that he didn't think that he could be my boyfriend anymore. I tried calling him. All I wanted to do was talk. I needed a reason. I felt as if my world had been shattered. I couldn't eat or sleep. I haven't in days. This is the man that told me he wanted children, and I was going to give him that. I wanted to give him his dreams and my unconditional love. In return, he gave me heartache. No answers, just heart ache.

— Glenda, 27

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