He Really Needs A Pill

I thought I had found the perfect man. I fell in love, moved in, and we got engaged. Then, after a couple of months, he turned crazy jealous. He began threatening me and everyone I knew. I went through two years of hell just to find out that he was on internet dating sites and had been cheating the whole time. He finally found someone new, thank God, but now he acts like I was the crazy one. I wish I would have had him locked up. I'm sorry I let him run me down so low. I'm stronger than that. I was too soft hearted at first and didn't want to ruin someone's life. He really needs a pill. I hope I haven't hurt someone else but am happy to finally feel free and safe. My advise is watch out for what's too good to be true. People are always the victim somewhere in life. We all do things wrong, but we must accept responsibility.

— Brenda, 24

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