Flooded With Embarrassment

I met a really interesting guy online. We had been chatting on the phone for two months. Since he was close to my home state and it was at Christmas, I decided that while I was flying in to see my family that I would fly in to the airport in his city and drive an hour to my home state. He agreed to pick me up at the airport and take me to my hotel. It seemed perfect. He surprised me at the airport. He was tall, blonde, and muscular just like his pictures. I had on the perfect outfit with creamy-colored pants, a scarf to match, and my black trench. I was just elegant the way I wanted it. I felt funny on the plane like I had a cramp in my tummy but hoped it was just butterflies. I took my coat off and sat in his car, which was spotless, and the seats were light tan. Thank goodness for Scotchgard because as soon as we drove off, I started my period, and I was flooding! I told him I needed to go to the bathroom. When he stopped to find one, I had already messed up his seats with blood! I was so embarrassed. He seemed okay, but he cleaned it up. I had to sit in bloody pants the whole way. He had to wind the car window down because he said he could smell the blood on my pants. He called several times after I got home, but I never wanted to see him again. I was just too embarrassed.

— Cindy, 28

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