Heed The Warning

I met a man in Louisiana. I was recently divorced and ready for another relationship. He literally swept me off my feet with flowers, expensive restaurants, and trips. We decided to move to Florida together when his son (who he was raising) finished the year out in school. I put my house up for sale and it sold within a week. So, I moved in with him. That's when I saw the real him. There were bill collectors coming by and calling since he lived off his credit card. He didn't have anything to his name except a truck, but he made me believe he was doing well in life. We did move to Florida in a home I bought with all of the utilities in my name. After months of mental and physical abuse, I put him out. He left me with an $800.00 phone bill. He ran up a $200.00 porn bill on cable. Then, to top it off, when I sold the house, he got a lawyer to try to sue me because he helped me with his labor on putting down new flooring. He wanted half of the profit. He didn't win. Ladies, please be aware of the red flags and heed the warning. I chose to deny what I saw.

— Beth, 34

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