He Made Me Want To Switch Hit!

My worst date happened about ten years ago while I was working at a local pub. I had met a handsome man that came in one day for a drink and found him sweet enough to give him my phone number to call me for a date sometime. He called me the next day, and we decided to go out for dinner that very night after my shift was done at 6:00 p.m. He arrived at the pub at 3:00 and promptly began drinking. After about an hour, I knew that I didn't want to go to dinner with him anymore because he was starting to get very drunk. As I approached his table to serve more drinks, he introduced me to his ex-girlfriend that he had called and asked to meet him for a drink while waiting for me! They both continued to drink together until my shift ended. I went and sat down and had a drink with both of them after my shift and was just about to tell him an excuse to not go for dinner. I got to talking to his ex, however, and she and I hit it off as immediate friends! He then tells me that he has invited his ex to come along with us for dinner. At this point, I knew I didn't want him in my life, but I did want the ex as a new friend. So, I agreed to go, on the condition that we don't go to a restaurant but to a dance club instead. I thought that the loud atmosphere of the club was far more suited to a drunken date than a restaurant. As we were leaving my pub, he decided he needed to change his clothes. Since he didn't and couldn't drive, I had to take him home first. He went up to his apartment while his ex and I waited in my car. Ten minutes later, he came back down. He had changed, but also filled his pockets brimming full of cans of beer. He promptly opened a beer in my car, told his ex to "get to the back seat because that's where the women sit" and started drinking. I told him that he can't have open liquor in my car and to get rid of the open beer and put the unopened stuff in my trunk. He slammed back the open beer, walked to the back of my car, put the cans in, and away we went to the dance club. On the way there, he started a road rage incident with some guys in another car. I needed to drive like mad to get away from these guys that I was convinced wanted to kill us all. At the club, he continued to drink until he ran out of money. That is when he asked to borrow money from us girls. His ex lent him $10.00, and then she and I took off to another level in the club to talk alone. When we went back to check up on him, he was passed out in a chair. His ex woke him up. He then grabbed her and swung her onto the dance floor. He really tried to dirty dance with her, and he felt her up all over her body. She managed to get away from him but not before the club's doorman noticed that he was practically sexually assaulting her on the dance floor. He then kicked him out of the club, and we girls stayed behind hoping that he would go away in time and we'd be rid of him. When she and I left the club, we found him passed out on the hood of my car waiting for us. I didn't want to leave him where he was because it was not in the best part of town, so I woke him up and got him into my car. As I was driving back, his ex wanted to stop at another club so she could look for her boyfriend. She asked me to come in with her. I didn't feel it safe to leave my date in my car alone, so I made him come in with us. She and I sat down at a table as we waited for her boyfriend to come back from the washroom. Since she was a smoker, she asked a man at the next table for a light for her cigarette. The man got up and very charmingly lit her cigarette for her and sat back down. Just then, my date thought the man at the other table was trying to bother us, so he asked them to leave us alone. Big mistake! This man was connected mafia style! The guys at the next table then warned us girls to get the date out of the club or he will have big problems. We then had to leave yet another club! As we approached my car, he then told his ex again that "women always sit in the back", and she got into the back without a fight this time. He then opened the passenger side window and started yelling at her and I for "trying to pick up other men while on a date with him". I just laughed. The next day, he called me at work to tell me that he had a great time with us and hoped we could do it again that night! I said no and that I didn't think I ever wanted to see him around my work again either. He got angry over that comment and promptly came to my work (he lived just across the parking lot from my place of work) and started yelling at me in front of my customers. That got the attention of our doorman and he was once again kicked out of yet another club! Luckily, I never saw him again. If one good thing came out of that night, I made great friends with his ex-girlfriend. We remain great friends to this day. Also, he had packed away so much beer in his pants and forgot the beer in my trunk. I later found an entire twelve-pack in my trunk. Where did he store it all?

— Bridgette, 30

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