Super Casual

I had been seeing a guy for a few months and things were going fairly well. Although he did bring me small gifts from time to time, I noticed he was somewhat cheap when we were out on a date. I wasn't put off by this because I don't expect men to foot the bill for everything. But I noticed when it was his turn to pick up the tab, we went super casual, and he ordered one entree which we shared. When it was my turn, he ordered everything from soup to nuts, lots of drinks, and sometimes ordered more food to go. Once, he offered to go get take-out and asked me what I wanted. I told him the only item I liked from that particular food chain. He brought it back half-eaten and proceeded to eat the rest of the food in front of me he knew I wouldn't touch. He asked me out to dinner and a movie one Saturday night, and we agreed to go to a casual crab house. When I met him at a nearby bar for pre-movie drinks, he said his wallet was empty (cash-only joint). I got stuck with his drink tab, which he didn't offer to repay, and he pocketed the change. He was conspicuously overdressed which was embarrassing because he demanded compliments in front of people he had just met at the bar. He rushed us out the door to the movie without an introduction. Before I could catch my breath, where he ordered the tickets, he informed me it was my treat. I laughed thinking this must be a joke. Joke on me! He meant it. I got stuck paying for a movie I didn't even want to see. After the first ten minutes, I was already out more than $30.00 with no end in sight. During the movie, he put his cell phone on vibrate mode, but it went off incessantly. He finally excused himself and came back about ten minutes later without explanation. I got up to leave, and he followed me yelling after me, "Hey, it was work calling!" Needless to say, I probably saved myself $50.00 more and an extended evening of aggravation.

— Mary, 44

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