Not Exactly MY Disaster

A few years ago, my now ex-husband decided to cheat on me. He met this woman online and drove through two states to spend a weekend romancing her. May I add that this was in MY car and with MY paycheck? I found an email that had her number. So, after I verbally castrated him, I called her. She was stunned that he would lie to her. He had said he was divorced, lived with a female friend, and couldn't give his home number because they had a "no boyfriend/ girlfriend" rule for the sake of the kids. Can you say S-T-U-P-I-D? She was cheating on her significant other anyway, so I couldn't feel much pity in spite of being taken in by his lies myself. I got the last laugh, though. I was being tested for diseases after I was stuck by a dirty needle, and you better believe I told her! I had no real worries because I knew the person's history well. Nothing like spending the next year of your life fearing HIV for a weekend of bliss! Come on, folks, the whole "I met this great guy on the internet and he turned out to be a loser" is pathetic! If you can't figure out that someone looking for love this way is sure to be scum, at least use some common sense when they hand you a load of crap!

— Samantha, 32

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