Miniature Golf Nightmare

Okay, I just got home from my date and my best friend convinced me to set this up. I was talking to this one guy on the internet for what became three to five hours a night, staying up until three in the morning, laughing and talking. We decided to meet and go to mini golf to have some fun and get to know each other. I asked him how we would find each other. He told me he'd recognize my bright purple Neon. I saw someone sitting there by the door, but it didn't look quite like him. He didn't say anything to me, so I walked inside to look around in the arcade area and to go to the bathroom. I come back out and he's near his car. So, I asked, "Are you Mike?" He said he saw me walk right by! Well, duh, then say something to me! So, we go to the stand where they sell the golf admission. The woman there asks, "Is this together or separate?" Instead of being quiet about it or giggly, he jumps on the word "separate". So, I paid for myself. I'm a 21st century kind of girl, so I just passed it off, whatever. So, we play. At first it was cute when he'd be like "nice shot" with sarcasm, but it got annoying fast. So would "this hole/place sucks!" a million times, on top of hitting my ball away from the hole, taking multiple turns, and just giving up and walking to the next hole. Every time he missed a shot he'd say, "Oh, my God," like he was incredibly frustrated. At one point, our balls got stuck in a pipe so we asked for new ones (or at least *I* did). I found our old ones, too, so we had two each. We played the third course for free without paying since we had the extra set of balls (which I wasn't really into doing, but why ruffle feathers about it?). When you play here, you can spend an extra dollar for a second game, and we were planning on playing just the two courses. After fifty-four holes of mini golf with this guy, I was burnt out. So, we go back inside to the arcade and I get four tokens to play air hockey. He gets so upset when he loses (and loose he did). I still had two tokens so I'm like, "You can use these if you want." He takes them and rides the motorcycle race game while I watch. Then he buys like five bucks worth of tokens and spends every single one on himself, too! At one point, there was a stuffed animal thing. I though he'd be cute and win me one. Instead, he plays it once and bounces off. Then I thought we were going to play a shooter game together, but he was really just asking me to hold his tokens for him! When we went outside, he made fun of my purple car. It's kind of old and has some rust. I had just had it washed, too, and he told me it was a crappy job. He commented about how I don't know who or what Pandora is, based on my away message about the topic. You know, the legend of Pandora seeking the box that released all evil with only one part of light? Well, I'm really into it and he told me I didn't know the story and got it wrong in a silly Hercules quote on my away message! Who quotes Hercules and doesn't get the Pandora story right? Perhaps I cannot explain well enough the way he was acting so frustrated and annoyed the whole night. Through all of this, I even put on a good face and tried to enjoy myself, but I just couldn't. He's like the friend you never really want to invite along. Needless to say, I'll be staying on the down low from the internet for a while. All of this is on my very first date ever at nineteen.

— Lynne, 19

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