Enemy At The Gate

I had been in the Navy for right about two months when I met a guy that lived clear the other side of base from me. It was a three-minute drive by car. But, being fresh out of boot camp, no one had a car, so it was about a ten-minute walk. We talked a little and he asked if I wanted to catch a movie. What's really sad is that my worst mistake wasn't saying yes. We got a taxi and went to the movie theater. When we get there, he breaks it to me that he didn't have his ATM card on him and asked if I would pay. Needless to say, I was a bit miffed because he had said he would get everything. So, stupid me pays for the taxi and the movie (one, I have to add, that I didn't even want to see). Through the whole movie he was all over me. He asked me every ten minutes if I wanted to get a hotel. The movie finally ended and we left. And of course, I got the taxi ride home too. This is where I get my revenge. He told the taxi driver to drop him off over at the gate that was closer to his side of base. I told the driver to drop us off at the gate closer to my side of the base. I then proceeded to inform my date that since I was paying, he was going to not only walk me as far as through the gate, but also right up to my barracks door to ensure my safety. I also said that if he wanted a ride to his side of base, he could pay for himself to get a taxi. Luckily, I never saw or talked to him ever again after that night.

— Gretta, 23

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