Disturbing the Fish

I am 66 years old and a widow; I lost my husband about 10 years ago from a heart attack. I have to admit that going on a date at my age was quite an experience. I had recently met a man at the grocery store, and we decided to spend some time together. He invited me over for a cookout and to go fishing at his pond. When I arrived, I was delighted to find that he had thoughtfully prepared an afternoon for the two of us. Things were going great until our fishing expedition turned sour. It had been hours since either of us had caught anything, and time was just ticking away. So I decided that I would be nice and start up a conversation about the weather. He responded by yelling at me because I was disturbing the fish, and told me to shut up. I got very offended by his comment and decided to leave. He didn't care because he was so occupied with his pole in the water that he didn't even try to stop me.

— Lilian, 66

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